Our Mission

Guiding seniors and recent grads unsure of what's next through the research, application, interview and decision process in a format fully customized to your skills, personality and interests.

We work for you, not the employer.

Jake Stevenson


As a former journalism major, Jake faced the harsh reality that his field wasn't going to pay off student debt, allow for a comfortable social life nor get him out of his parents house.

Jake switched gears, jumping into recruiting with a focus on junior to mid-level Account & Finance hiring across a variety of industries, company sizes and stages.

After 3 years he joined HubSpot hiring Sales, Services, Support and G&A from entry-level to VP across 3 locations internationally. Shortly after starting, HubSpot went public, more than doubled in size and as a result offered Jake the chance to work abroad building recruiting programs for a new Dublin office, launching a Latin American recruiting strategy, and creating an executive search playbook.

Having interviewed and hired thousands of candidates looking to make the biggest decision of their lives, there's no one better suited to guide you through the research, application, interview and decision process than Jake.