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Career Start; 4 Lucrative Careers You Haven't Considered

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 21, 2017 2:31:38 PM / by Jake Stevenson

Career Start for Financial Freedom

If you’re graduating from college or recently received your diploma, you 'll find yourself in one of the 5 buckets below:

  • You started interviewing and have a job lined up in something closely related to your major. Congrats, feel free to exit out of this window as this may not apply.
  • You’ve been interviewing and have started to receive offers but haven’t yet found something you love.
  • You’ve been interviewing and have yet to receive an offer. Maybe you haven’t found something you’re passionate enough about or maybe you just need to work on your interview skills.
  • You’ve either received offers, or haven't, in a field closely related to your major. Through the job search, you've realized you’re just not that excited about the most relevant opportunities.
  • You started a job in a field you studied and over the past several months have realized you’re just not that into it.
Hand with marker writing the text Customer Retention.jpeg
Customer Success/Account Management
  • Excel at building and maintaining longer-term relationships with people
  • Enjoy teaching and coaching others
  • Don't mind having tough conversations or delivering bad news
  • Best results come from working with teams rather than individual projects
  • Prefer to solve issues in person or over the phone vs via email/text/automation

If the above fits, look at jobs w/ variations of the titles below :

  • Account Manager
  • Client Services
  • Customer Success


Coordinator Associate Representative


New Markets Concept - Green Pushpin on a Map Background with Selective Focus..jpeg
Sales/Business Development
  • Enjoy introducing yourself and getting to know strangers
  • Consider yourself highly competitive
  • Enjoy challenging conversations
  • Highly motivated by financial gain
  • Ability to tell stories in an engaging, articulate and concise manner

If the above fits, look at jobs w/ variations of the titles below:

  • Business Development
  • Sales Development
  • Account Executive
  • Sales Representative


Representative, Coordinator, Associate, Inside


Image of young woman with headphones touching virtual screen.jpeg
Customer Support/Technical Services

  • Prefer to solve issues through an automated system/email/text vs live conversation
  • Seek to understand how machinery and technology works
  • Naturally better at solving technical bugs than many of your peers
  • Enjoy educating others Calm and patient

If the above fits, look at jobs w/ variations of the titles below :

  • Technical Support
  • Technical Services
  • Customer Support
  • Implementation


Representative, Coordinator, Associate, Entry-level


Find The Right People written on road sign.jpeg



  • Enjoy building and nurturing relationships
  • Naturally curious
  • Ability deliver tough feedback
  • Enjoy coaching through constructive criticism
  • Highly organized

If the above fits, look at jobs w/ variations of the titles below:

  • Recruiter
  • HR Generalyst
  • Human Resources


Admin, Coordinator, Associate


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Jake Stevenson

Written by Jake Stevenson

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