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High Paying Entry-Level Jobs

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 18, 2017 10:55:41 AM / by Jake Stevenson

High paying entry-level jobs

The Situation

A Bachelor's degree is the new high-school diploma. We tend to focus on making our degrees an entryway into the workforce, when in reality, studies show that over half of the 34% of Americans with a degree, enter careers not directly related to their major.

So what about that 50% who are unsure of their direction or have a change of heart?

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The Reality

I graduated with a degree in journalism and quickly faced the stark reality that opportunities for recent grads were few and far between, located in highly undesirable locations, barely paying enough to cover rent.

This feeling is shared amongst many recent graduates from some of the following majors:

  • International Relations
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Hospitality
  • etc.

While it’s best to determine these things prior to graduation, many of us don’t, what then?

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What Now?

Most students from the majors above have a couple things in common:

  • Chose those areas of study because they want to work with people
  • Find adapting and reading people comes more naturally than it does for most

Matching those interests and skills with high paying entry-level jobs isn't hard, the toughest part is knowing what to look for and mastering the art of the interview.

If you identify with the attributes above, here are some high paying entry-level jobs which your career center nor educators have likely ever recommended:

  • Sales/Client Services
  • Tech Support/Technical Services
  • Recruiting

HIgh-Paying Entry Level Jobs

Check out our e-book for more info on specific titles and a longer list of skills companies seek when hiring for these positions.

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Jake Stevenson

Written by Jake Stevenson

Journalist turned Recruiter turned Entrepreneur

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